Oscillation Project with Emulsion-tRacking Apparatus

The OPERA experiment has been designed to perform the most straightforward test of the phenomenon of neutrino oscillations. This experiment exploits the CNGS high-intensity and high-energy beam of muon neutrinos produced at the CERN SPS in Geneva pointing towards the LNGS underground laboratory at Gran Sasso, 730 km away in central Italy. OPERA is located in the Hall C of LNGS and it is aimed at detecting for the first time the appearance of tau-neutrinos from the transmutation (oscillation) of muon-neutrinos during their 3 millisecond travel from Geneva to Gran Sasso. In OPERA, tau-leptons resulting from the interaction of tau-neutrinos will be observed in "bricks" of photographic emulsion films interleaved with lead plates. The apparatus contains about 150000 of such bricks for a total mass of 1300 tons and is complemented by electronic detectors (trackers and spectrometers) and ancillary infrastructure. Its construction has been completed in spring 2008 and the experiment is currently in data taking.
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See "News and Updates" for the OPERA neutrino tau analysis


The most recent articles

The most recent articles

The fourth neutrino oscillation event discovered at OPERA

INFN Press Release
Sunday 30 March 2014
PRESS RELEASE March, 27, 2014 THE FOURTH TRANSFORMATION OF NEUTRINOS Now the scientists of the OPERA experiment can claim the observation of the extremely rare neutrino oscillation in the tau channel The OPERA international experiment at the INFN Gran Sasso Laboratory (Italy) has detected a (...)

LNGS seminar on OPERA results

Friday 21 March 2014 par Gornushkin
The LNGS seminar "G. De Lellis - New results of the OPERA experiment" will be given on Tuesday 25 Mar 2014 at 14:30 (Europe/Rome). Location: LNGS (E. Fermi auditorium) You can access the full event here: http://agenda.infn.it/event/7799 This seminar will be available for (...)

New preprint on recent OPERA results is on arXiv

Tuesday 13 August 2013 par Gornushkin
New paper " New results on $ν_μ\to ν_τ$ appearance with the OPERA experiment in the CNGS beam" is on arXiv This work describes substantial improvements in the analysis and in the evaluation of the detection efficiencies and backgrounds using new simulation tools. The analysis is extended to a (...)

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